Competition rules

Online registration

Professionals and students of art departments can submit a max of five posters. Posters must be created within the range of June 1., 2018 - February 1., 2022.


Accepted are posters within the range of formats A1-B0. For evaluation and reproduction, accurate color data in JPG, PNG, WEBP, PDF (A4, 300DPI, CMYK) is required.

Start of registration

On November 11, 2021, the Online Form will be available on the TPT website.

Competition deadline

The possibility of registering posters will end at the end of March 2022.

1st Round of Evaluation

From March to May 2022, the international jury will select finalists from registered works.

The results

On June 1, 2022, the official list of finalists will be published.

Sending of posters

Finalists will be requested to deliver posters to TPT until August 31, 2022.

Exhibition of finalists and catalog

The posters of the finalists will be exhibited and reproduced in the official TPT catalog.

2nd Round of Evaluation

In September 2022, the international jury will evaluate posters and award prizes.

Winners and the ceremony

In November 2022, authors of winning works will be invited to take prizes personally in Trnava.